Lao-German Friendship Association welcomes new German Ambassador with a Baci ceremony

Baci- Zeremonie Enlarge image (© AV in Vientiane) On Friday, September 8th, 2017, the Lao-German Friendship Association welcomed the new German Ambassador Jens Lütkenherm and his spouse, Mrs Regine Wehrle, with a reception and a baci ceremony. The event took place in the Loung Loth restaurant in Vientiane.

Among the 120 members of the LGFA who participated in this event was also Prof Dr Som Ock Kingsada. This salutory event for new German ambassadors to Laos has in the past years achieved the status of a tradition.

Representatives of a variety of public institutions as well as German organisations in Laos were also present Baci- Zeremonie Enlarge image (© AV in Vientiane)

The baci ceremony has a long and very popular tradition in Laos, being celebrated at different events like arrivals and farewells, at New Year, birthdays or weddings. For Mr Jens Lütkenherm, who presented his credentials to the President of the Lao P.D.R. on September 5th, 2017, a completely new professional experience in Southeast Asia has now begun. Therefore, this reception was a special opportunity for the participants to wish him and his spouse a successful and pleasant start to their new mission in Laos. Baci- Zeremonie Enlarge image (© AV in Vientiane)