Message of the Ambassador

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Dear readers,

the German Embassy Team in Vientiane, Lao P.D.R., is committed to developping fruitful relations between our countries and their residents. We accompany a country in the heart of South East Asia, a country with a rich cultural heritage, a hospitable population and valuable natural ressources, on its strenous way towards accomplishing the UN Millenium Development Goals and into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). By 2020, Laos plans to graduate from the status of a LDC – Least developped country. Germany is a reliable and trustworthy partner in this endeavour, contributing to the Lao development efforts as the 2nd largest international donor and as a partner of the European Union. Despite of geographical and cultural distance our countries can, together, contribute to building peace between nations and to improve people's welfare. In doing so, Laos is consolidating its role as souvereign member of the world community.

At a time, when the founding nations of today's European Union were already enjoying peace and economic development after the devastating World War II, the people of Laos have still heavily suffered from war. Until today, there is a blood toll to be paid. As a small landlocked country, the People's Democratic Republic of Laos has to find its way between interests of powerful neighbours and the temptations arising from a rapid economic development. A responsible use of its enormous natural ressources, to the benefit of all citizens, ranks high on today's political agenda, as do harmonious relations with all neighbours.

The forthcoming establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will bring about new perspectives for international economic relations – Germany takes this process very seriously, based on our own good experience with the European integration. In the wake of important legal and administrative reforms, the economic environment in Laos is becoming increasingly interesting for German business. I would be pleased if young Lao citizens who show an interest in Germany, its education system and its technology, could benefit from greater economic openness and find a place in German – Lao business relations. Don't be afraid of the German language and get informed about our Scholarship offers – the German education system ranks among the finest in the world, our unemployment figures and worldwide appreciation of German industrial products bear witness.

Last year, about 30.000 visitors from Germany enjoyed the beauty, treasures and hospitality of Laos. I wish all Germans, visiting Laos or working here, a great stay and successful business. This Embassy stands ready to assist our present and future partners from Lao P.D.R. in developping their contacts to Germany.

Vientiane, September 2014

Michael Grau

Message of the Ambassador

Staff of the German Embassy in Vientiane