Sven Marx – With bicycle and torch around the world

Inklusion braucht Aktion Enlarge image (© AV in Vientiane) On September 19 Sven Marx visited the German embassy in Vientiane. He is touring around the world disseminating the motto “Inclusion needs Action” and carrying a torch pope Francis has blessed. The message: Handicapped persons should be integrated as much as possible in the social and public life of the general public. This objective should be pursued in a pro-active way. Unfortunately, many countries do not yet live up to this.

Sven Marx himself suffers from a visual defect. But this does not prevent him from traveling on his bicycle between 80 and 120 km every day and thus touring the world with big steps. He is less looking for tourist highlights but more for contacts with people along his way. After traveling through many countries in Europe, all of Russia, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia he travelled in Laos along the Mekong river north towards Vientiane. His next major station: Bangkok.

The German embassy wishes Sven Marx further lots of fun, good luck and success on his outstanding world tour spreading the message “Inclusion needs Action”.

“Inclusion needs Action” is an initiative of Health-Media g.e.V., whose goal it is to reduce prejudice against handicapped persons. Moreover, new partnerships between handicapped persons and persons without handicaps are to be achieved by these bicycle tours through Germany, Europe and around the world.

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